Community Groups

Mercy Presbyterian Church is a place where people live life together with God and one another.  Community Groups are small group gatherings that meet in homes throughout Dallas.  In Community Groups, people come to know God and to experience His presence by knowing others and being known by them through intentional relationships.

The Purpose of Community Groups is:

To Make Disciples:  Jesus commands the church to make disciples, not just converts.  Discipleship is the process by which a person become a more fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ. 

To Provide Fellowship and Mutual Care:  Fellowship can be defined as seeking to share with others what God has made known to you while letting them share with you what they know of him as a means of finding strength, refreshment and instruction for one's own soul.  As believers spend time in fellowship, they become aware of the needs of others, and the opportunities arise for them to care for eadch other as Scripture commands.  

To Exercise Spiritual Gifts:  God has given spiritual gifts to every Christian (1 Cor. 12:1-7).  He fully expects us to use them.  Community Groups are a place where spiritual gifts are discovered and exercised within the group itself, the larger church, and the world.  They are a place where a vision for ministry and service is cultivated.

To Discover Christianity:  Community Groups are a place where individuals who are seeking truth can be invited and encouraged to enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Non-believers, because they are created in the image of God, long to be part of a community of believers who love each other well.  

How Does This Happen?    

One of the immediate changes the gospel makes is grammatical:  "we instead of I; our instead of my; us instead of me" (Eugene Peterson).  This kind of community is not an optional thing, an "extra" for the Christian; instead it's part of the overall purpose of God's kingdom.  A healthy church can be defined primarily by its relationships -- relationships with God and with others.  To have the quality of community life that God expects from the church requires deliberate effort.  Christian living does not happen in isolaton.  All major exhortations in the New Testament to holy living are plural, meaning that discipleship is to succesfully happen in the context of a loving and caring fellowship.  

Community Groups are a place where we:

Feed upon God's Word

Pray with and for the church, the world and one another.

Serve the church, the world, and one another

Share life together