2022 Pastor Search

Thank you for your interest in the pastor search process. Below, you will find more information about the search, the Pastor Search Team, and how you can be praying for the process. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with your feedback, questions, and comments at pastorsearch@mercydallas.com.

How to refer a candidate

The Pastor Search Team (PST) invites the congregation to submit candidate referrals for individuals you would like us to consider for review. All referrals are confidential and do not require that you speak to the candidate beforehand — we will do the follow-up work. Submissions will go to the PST and McGowan Global Institute (MGI). Your submissions will be added to a larger pool of candidates being gathered by MGI from the PCA nationwide and beyond.


For whom are we looking

The church and pastor profile will assist the PST in determining if a candidate would be a good fit for Mercy and allows potential candidates to get a broad understanding of who we are as a church.

Click here for the pastor profile

Click here for the church profile


We hope the graphic below gives a clear idea on how the search process works and that it will help you pray for the PST as they progress through each phase of the search.


How you can be praying

Prayer is vital as we seek God’s will in finding the next Senior Pastor for Mercy. Please join us in praying throughout this process.

  • Pray for the man and his family whom God has chosen to be our next pastor
  • Pray for the individuals and their families on the Pastor Search Team

Specific prayer request cards will be provided by the PST to the congregation each month.

Click here for the PRAYER CARD


Pastor Search Team

The Pastor Search Team (PST) was nominated and approved by Mercy Presbyterian members and includes a broad representation of our congregation. We are honored to serve in this capacity.

Dave Boland, Chair
Peyton Bryant
Eric Clay
Elizabeth Cunningham
Jeff Dawson
Emily Freeman
Bryan Hatfield
Drew Stephenson
Vita Swindell
Winsor Vanderhill