Dave & Debi Nelson:  Leader 

Scott & Carter Abbott:  Host

*No Childcare Provided

Meeting Schedule: 

1st, 2nd, & 3rd Tuesdays:  7:30pm at 7029 Prestonshire Lane, Dallas, TX 75225

4th Tuesday:  Family Dinner Out



Coleman & Caroline Akin:  Co-leader

Paul & Anna Fryant:  Co-leader

*Childcare Provided for All Ages

Meeting Schedule: 

1st and 3rd Sundays:  5pm at 7821 Deer Trail Dr, Dallas, TX 75238

2nd Sunday:  Family Lunch Out following Worship

4th Sunday: TBD

*El Buen Pastor service opportunity every six weeks following Sunday Worship*



Eric & Melissa Clay:  Co-leader & Co-host  

Grey & Charity Leonard:  Co-leader & Co-host 

*Childcare Provided for All Ages

Meeting Schedule:

1st and 3rd Sundays:  6pm at9818 Carnegie Dr, Dallas, TX 75228

2nd Sunday:  Women Meet (Timing & Location will vary)

4th Sunday:  Men Meet ((Timing & Location will vary)



Phil & Winsor Vanderhill:  Co-leader & Co-host

Thomas & Karis Buerger:  Co-leader & Co-host

*Childcare Provided for All Ages

Meeting Schedule: 

1st  Sunday:  5:30pm at 1113 Chesterton Drive, Richardson, TX 75080

2nd Saturday:  Nursing Home/Service Opportunity

3rd Sunday:  5:30pm at 6022 Yellow Rock Trail, Dallas,TX 75248

4th Tuesday:  6:15pm at Chick-fil-a 15235 Montfort Dr, Dallas, TX 75248



Jon & Paige Buell: Leader

Josh Burnett:  Leader

*No Childcare Provided

Meeting Schedule:

1st Sunday:  6:30pm, 5942 Palo Pinto Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

2nd Sunday:  6:30pm Girls’ NightOut

3rd Sunday:  6:30pm, 5942 Palo Pinto Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

4th Sunday:  6:30pm, Guys’ Night Out



Rob & Kendall Hamby:  Leader

 Jason & Kizzy Webb:  Host

*Childcare Provided

Meeting Schedule:

1st  and 3rd Sundays of the Month:  5:30pm at rotating homes  

2nd Monday of the Month:  6:30pm Family Dinner Out (TBD) (Children Included)

4th Monday:  Adult Social or Service Opportunity



Jack & Allison Turpin:  Co-leader & Co-host

John &  Lauren Payne:  Co-leader & Co-host

Contact: Jack Turpin

*No Childcare Provided

Meeting Schedule: 

First Wednesday:  7:30-9:00pm at 3337 Hanover Dallas, TX 75225

Second Wednesday:  Men only 7:30-9:00pm TBD

Third Wednesday:  7:30-9:00pm at 7427 Centenary Dallas, TX 75225

Fourth Wednesday:  Women 7:30-9:00pm TBD 

Fifth Wednesday if applicable:  6pm Family Dinner (including children)

*We will meet for coffee and donuts at the playground prior to Church once a month.